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Security Audits


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FocusScape Analytics (FSA) provides advanced technology solutions that are cost- effective and scalable, with industry-proven results. Whether you are a large network operations center, an IT department that must provide world class service, or a smaller organization seeking out methods that showcase your business, enhance services or reduce costs, FSA provides competitive advantage.

Advanced Network Security Solutions

Our advanced network security solutions follow industry standard best practices and consider regulations such as PCI for the credit card industry and HIPAA for healthcare institutions. We are proficient in the execution of information security audits and integrate risk management methodologies and security best practice into all of our implementations.

Secure Wireless Networks / Secure Mobile Technology

We provide wireless networks and solutions for mobile applications using laptops, tablets, smartphones and other handhelds, surveillance and video streaming equipment, medical equipment and other specialty wireless devices. We initially perform complete wireless field surveys and complete documentation with consideration for wireless network coverage, access point or transmitter locations, structured wiring standards, secure data transmission, mobile applications and performance. We also implement guest networks for customer / visitor access and support for remote corporate and Internet applications. Wireless – fast, complete, secure.

Project Management

We use standards based project management methodologies that focus on delivery of the required outcomes on time and at the lowest possible cost. Whether the scope is simple or complex and multi-level, our customers benefit from experienced project managers who deliver customer needs from conceptual design to implementation and project closure. We integrate virtual technology solutions that increase communication but utilize resources more efficiently so that hours spent and costs are kept to a minimum. On budget, on schedule, within scope and best practice…We deliver.

Virtual Service Solutions

We deliver extremely qualified industry experts for computer networking, network and physical security audits, project management, web site development and wireless applications. FSA resources are expert at adding the virtual technology integration and efficiencies that allow you to spend resource hours only when you need them.

Advanced Web & Graphic Design / Social Media Solutions

Social Media marketing increases customer communication, brand awareness and improves customer service at costs that are far less than traditional marketing techniques. The opportunities to integrate different multi-media technologies and interactive techniques that distribute your message up close and personal, promote your brand and obtain immediate feedback are endless.